Smudge Blends for Beginners - Smudge Kit Refill

Mystic Forest
New to smoke cleansing? We have four types of 1 oz bag of herbs for you to choose from.

Smudge Blend Options:

Sage + Juniper + Lavender (Mystic Forest)
Sage + Cedar (Begone Evil Spirits!)
Rose Buds + Lavender (Flower Vibes)
Sage + Lavender (Sweet Sage)
What is Smudging?

Burning sage (or any other healing herbs) is used to achieve a healing state or to reflect upon spiritual dilemmas. This practice comes from an ancient Native American ritual known as smudging. We recommend burning before meditation, yoga, work, having guests over, and even when moving into a new home. Sage also cleanses the air of free radicals, aids in curing colds, and can be used for a postpartum yoni steam. How you decide to use it is entirely up to you! Each purchase comes with our “how to smudge guide” to get started.

Soapstone Bowls are the most recommended material for smudging. These are meant to last forever (as long as they don't overheat frequently) and provide a wide bowl for mixing herbs. The diameter of this bowl is 4 inches.

*Colors are the same for each bowl (brown and tan), but the pattern may slightly differ for each bowl as the stone naturally has unique patterns.

How to Use:

Fill the base of your bowl with sand to prevent the bowl from overheating and damaging your furniture. You have the option to light a charcoal tab and place a small amount of herbs on top for an easy burn or to tilt the bowl towards you and burn the herbs with a match or lighter. Once you get one end to light on fire, it should be fairly easy to tilt the bowl to spread the flame around. Don't focus too much on lighting all of it at once. Only a small amount is needed to produce smoke.

With your smudge bowl or shell in hand, walk around your space, making sure to wave smoke in the corners of the room. When done, place your bowl in a safe place to burn out. After a few minutes,, open a door or window to release negative energy.

Please be careful not to leave a burning bowl or shell unattended!

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