About Us

Mission Statement:
Our mission as Crystal Fengshui is to share knowledge on how to utilize natural gemstones and meditational tools to benefit mental health and self awareness. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide high quality products at an affordable price. We hope that by making these products more accessible, people can heal and lead a more fulfilling life.

Crystal Fengshui was created by Kyle and Melanie Diaz in 2019. "Our love of music brought us together, but I couldn't have imagined when we first met that it would lead to this." says co-founder Kyle. In 2018, the couple met and began sharing their interests with each other. "Kyle always had so many crystals with him and I had a few that I had picked up during my vacations, but I didn't know much about them. The more he told me about them, the more intrigued I became. He was a well of knowledge to me," says co-founder Melanie.


Gem Show Travel Pics

When the two met, Melanie was working full time in software engineering and Kyle was working for the Georgia Department of Transportation as an emergency responder for highway incidents. "While working on the highway, I had seen a lot of death and tragedy. I started looking at metaphysics and began using crystals as a source of healing," says Kyle.
Melanie was working as a web developer for a Shopify agency. It was during her time there that she saw behind the scenes of many successful online businesses and how they were run on the technical side.

After visiting their first gem show in Tucson, Arizona, the dream of starting their online gem business began. "After going to many different shows over the course of a year, we were able to find reliable and trusted sources for our business," says Melanie. When they started their business, they strongly believed that energy work in the home was important. "Our name Fengshui comes from our lifestyle of keeping our own spaces positive and vibrant by invoking all the elements. We expanded our store to have not only unique and authentic crystals, but incense and smudging herbs to aid in your meditation or relaxation when you come home."

Future Goals:
Kyle and Melanie plan to transform their online business into a local storefront in Atlanta. “We want to give our customers an opportunity to create a sacred space and make their homes or studios feel more special," says Melanie. With the addition of the store front, they will be able to serve their customers and their local community. “We want Crystal Fengshui to dual as a store and a place to relax. We want to offer yoga classes, as Melanie is a certified yoga teacher, sound healing sessions, and also classes from other instructors that our audience would be interested in,” says Kyle. They also plan to be a trusted source of crystals and décor as well as a source of information for those who don't know much about them. "We get so many questions about crystals, so we're going to use this page as a source of information as well. Be on the lookout for crystal directories and tutorials!" says Kyle.