Our Sources

We understand that there are a lot of fake crystals on the market. That's why we prioritize knowing where our crystals come from. We do energy work with our crystals before they are delivered to you, so it is crucial to us that we are buying ethically sourced crystals. Since the market has been flooded with very affordable carvings from other countries, we have been very careful to import these into our store. We try to buy directly from the source, but if we cannot, we make sure that we deal with sellers who are authentic and are getting their crystals directly from the source.

If you have any questions about our stones and where they come from, we are always happy to answer and provide as much information as possible. 


If you'd like to make a request for a crystal that is out of stock or a crystal that you don't see on the store please reach out to us! We'd be happy to hunt for new crystals for our customers.