Meditation Guide


The main concerns that we get when introducing people to the concept of meditation are:

I can't quiet my brain enough to meditate!

I don't have time to meditate!

I can't find a peaceful place to meditate!

However, the main purpose of meditation is to surrender fully to the present moment. With practice, you will be able to experience a what we call a "still mind" in any environment. If you feel thoughts arise during meditation, let them come and pass. This is a buddhist mindset to become an observer of the mind, but we have to separate our mind from our soul and understand that we are not controlled by our minds.

By focusing on our breathing, you can clear the busy thoughts and white noise of your brain that comes from dealing with the outside world. With practice, you'll feel refreshed and more rested than before. Daily meditation helps with anxiety, stress, and insomnia. 


Quick Meditation to Get Started:

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Place it aside so that it's not visible to you.

Find a space where you can sit, ideally on a floor with support if needed. If not, find a comfortable seat or somewhere where your spine can be straight.

Align your spine so that you are sitting straight up for proper chakra alignment.

Close your eyes or keep your eyes focused on one point.

Breathe in holding one nostril then release that side and hold the other while you exhale. Repeat this over and over, focusing on your breathing.

As you do this, imagine your breath going into one nostril and leaving through the other in a visible form, maybe imagine a purple haze or even glitter!


If you have any questions about meditation or if you are looking for more resources to dive deeper into meditation, please reach out to us on our Contact page!